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Hiring a Content Marketing Agency 


Hiring In-House

Your senior living community has recently made the decision to invest more heavily in content marketing.  You can either hire more internal staff or look into hiring an agency to assist in this component of your marketing. Or maybe you want to do a combination of both anency and in-house working together. Either way you've made the decsion to invest in content marketing and want to ramp up your efforts. Now there’s one big question standing in your way…

Who’s going to do all of this work?


  This FREE Whitepaper Will Help You: 


  • Understand the Pros and Cons of Hiring In-House
  • Explain the Pros and Cons of Hiring an Agency
  • Explain the FULL cost hiring an in-house team
  • Breakdown the costs of each option individually
  • Compare both options to help you make your decision
  • Decide Which Option Best Suits Your Needs